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Flyer Printing and Sell Sheets in Full Color

Your printed color flyers and sell sheets help you promote your business or organization with vibriant, full-color inks by You have the choice of of two sizes. Standard flyer size is 8.5"x11". The 8.5"x3.6" size color "envelope stuffers" fit nicely into a standard #10 envelope.

The envelope stuffer size is an ideal way to announce a new product when  sending your clients a statement, invoice or other correspondence.Use flyers as sales announcers, take-out, menus, mailers, coupons or small posters.

Customprinting's Flyers are printed using vibrant, four color process printing with enviromentally friendly, soy-based inks.

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Flyers, Sell Sheets and Envelope Stuffer Advertising:

Flyers and sell sheets all come on a sturdy, 80# Gloss text [book] paper stock.


Availabe in two sizes:



Full color flyers on glossy paper or cardstock.

Flyers and sell sheets all come on a sturdy, 80# Gloss text [book] paper stock and are printed in 4 color process on both sides [4/4].  Choose from three different sizes:

  • 8.5x11 - Standard Flyer - Note if you need folding, go to the brochure section by clicking here.
  • 8.5x3.625 - Single Panel Envelope Stuffer.


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How to Submit Your Artwork

How to prepare a flyer file or sell sheet file for printing (how to make a proper PDF for printing):

Before you upload your file, please be sure your files are saved as a high-resolution PDF file, which means it should be exported using the OPTIMIZED FOR PRESS from Adobe Acrobat® or use PDFX1A settings.  If your artist has used transparency layers, you can overcome some problems by converting all elements to CMYK and removing all RGB and Spot Color elements and information from your file and then flattening all transparency layers. These preflights are availabe through Acrobat Professtional®. Be sure to give your file a final look before uploading. Once they file is uploaded, they are quickly processed.

Pages are to be submitted as one PDF file for each side to be printed. Upload PDF for front side where indicated, and a PDF page for the back side where indicated. You are not required to upload a back side image if your job is single sided.  Please DO NOT SEND SPREADS, OR MULTIPLES UP ON ONE PAGE - THEY WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. The number of pages uploaded in your file must match your order. All pages must include 1/8" bleeds making the pdf size a total of  0.25" larger in height and width, for example, a 8.5"x11"  document  with bleeds will measure 8.75"x11.25" and a 11"x17" document will measure 11.25"x17.25". If you are unsure of any of these settings, contact our customer support department at

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